Peacock in the Desert - The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India
(March 4, 2018 - August 19, 2018)
Curated by our Director - Karni Jasol


Audio Tour

The tour takes the visitor on a veritable treasure hunt through the Fort which includes a museum with magnificent collections of silver elephant howdahs, gilded palanquins, carved ivory, weapons inlaid with gold and jewels, rare pieces of textile, and some of the world’s finest miniature paintings.

The Fort itself is a stunning example of asymmetrical and organic Rajput architecture combined with the elaborate geometry and floral decoration of the Mughals. It is, in Rudyard Kipling's famous exclamation,"…the work of angels and giants!"

The commentary for the tour, authentic history and family lore; descriptive, evocative and highly informative, is embellished with the reminiscences and views of the Royal Family. The Maharaja Gaj Singh II, who ascended to the Gadi of Jodhpur in 1952 at the age of four, the 38th Rathore Chief in direct line from Rao Sheoji (1226-1273), shares his memories of the moving Raj Tilak Ceremony at Mehrangarh.

The Audio tour throws light on both the art and architecture of this magnificent and impregnable Fort, which was attacked often but never conquered by force, while recounting the stories and legends of the proud ruling Rathore clan, the legendary Rajput warriors of Marwar.

The Tour is available in Hindi, English, French and German. A map of the Fort will is included with the audio tour to help guide visitors through the palatial labyrinth that makes up the unique museum; into the great hallways and long corridors, through the armouries and dungeons, bedrooms, pavilions and courtyards, with their priceless collections.


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Rajasthan International Folk Festival

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"Mehrangarh Fort is testament to the foresight and good taste of Maharaja Gaj Singh II." TIME Magazine Best of Asia Issue